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Why should we buy Instagram followers?

Buy Instagram followers will increase the popularity and credibility of your page among other Instagram pages. This will attract real users to your page. Therefore, the real users who follow you may become your regular customers.

Fast delivery of your orders

As soon as your order is registered on our site, we will review it. Your order will be placed in the priority queue first, and will start as soon as possible. By keeping our servers up to date, we try to complete your order in the shortest time.

Safe and Secure Payment

We do not need your registration and personal information to register an order on our site and also to pay for the order. You can also pay with credit cards and cryptocurrencies through secure global systems.

How are followers added to our Instagram page?

We have been able to design and launch Instagram apps and bots. Using these programs, we can increase the members of your Instagram page. We do this in a safe and secure way, so that there is no problem for your page.


Refund guarantee

If your order is not processed within 3 days, or for any other reason your order is not completed, we will refund your full payment. We guarantee a refund if you do not place your order. Please try to send us all the information correctly.


24/7 Live Support

Our support team is ready to serve you dear ones every day, 24 hours a day, even on holidays. You can contact us to follow your order and other questions in the field of social networks through communication portals such as Telegram, WhatsApp and email.

Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram application is one of the most popular and popular social media in the world, which has attracted many people.
Many people have been able to grow their business by working on Instagram, and even by personal activities, they have been able to attract many users and thus place ads for other businesses on their page and earn They make money.
We are here to help you grow your business by increasing your Instagram followers.

Instagram follower increase

If you are an Instagram user, you should be aware of the importance of having many followers on the page, and know that the higher the number of your Instagram followers, the more credibility your page will have.
It is important to know that many people who do business on Instagram are aware of the importance of Instagram page followers, and are looking to buy Instagram followers.

If you are looking for progress in your business on social networks, we suggest that you use the Buy Targeted Telegram Members service in addition to buying Instagram followers.

 Buy Instagram Followers
High Quality Followers

Buy high quality Instagram followers

Using the panels we have built, we can add quality followers with a low drop rate. In order for your purchase of Instagram followers to be economical and cheap for you, we will compensate the rate of drop of followers in several levels:

  • 1️⃣ Instagram followers (without compensating for follower loss)
  • 2️⃣ Instagram followers (compensation for follower loss up to 30 days)
  • 3️⃣ Instagram followers (compensation for follower loss up to 60 days)
  • 4️⃣ Instagram followers (compensation for follower loss up to 365 days)
That way, it doesn't matter if your follower count drops within a specified period of time. Because we will compensate this amount of loss by the time we have specified.

Safe Followers

Security and speed of followers

Once you have registered your order, we will start the process of increasing your Instagram members as soon as possible.
Then we slowly add your Instagram page followers, to make the growth trend seem completely natural.
In this case, real users of your page will think that users follow your page naturally. Also, with this work, the security of your Instagram page is also maintained.
These types of followers are offline, but sometimes they may go online and follow other people's pages or like Instagram posts.
The important thing is that all these followers have names and profile pictures that look natural and real.

buy fake instagram followers
Fake Followers

Buy fake Instagram followers

Fake Instagram followers are made by us and other people on Instagram.
Most of these members can be completely offline and inactive, and there are also followers among them, who are active online and active on Instagram.
Some of these followers may, after a while, go online on Instagram, and enter your page, in which case they may visit and like your posts, or even leave your page.
But if you want, in addition to increasing Instagram followers, your post likes will also increase, we suggest you use the Buy Instagram Like service.

Buy Followers

How to Buy a Followers?

It is not easy to get followers for Instagram, you have to work hard to get Instagram followers. But we have made it easy for you, and you can easily buy Instagram followers without any problems.
To buy a follower from Memberlak site, you do not need to fill in several forms or enter your personal information such as your Instagram password. And using three forms on our site, you can buy Instagram followers.

The steps of purchasing from our site are as follows:

You must complete three forms
1: First you need to determine what kind of followers you need
2: You must select the number of followers you want
3: Enter your Instagram username
Finally, click the “Add to Cart” button, and enter the invoice and payment page.

Note: Keep in mind that in order to receive followers, you must make your account public.

How to Buy a Followers

Steps to find Instagram page ID:

1- First, log in to your Instagram account, then click on the "Edit Profile" option.

2- In the opened page, your ID is in the "Username" field. Now copy your ID and send it to us.

Your link on Instagram will be as follows:

Quality Content

Quality Content on Instagram

If you are looking to improve your Instagram account, you must be familiar with all the standards necessary for Instagram growth.
One of the standards that Instagram attaches great importance to is quality and creative content.
Since Instagram is based on images, you should be more careful about the quality of the photos and videos you post on Instagram, to use new and creative ideas for them.
Try to use colorful tools in your photos to make your post more beautiful, because followers are more attracted to colorful and attractive photos.

What is our offer?
We suggest that you post educational and entertaining content for your followers on your Instagram, so that you can attract more real followers to your page.
Try to always use a beautiful and creative format to publish your posts on Instagram. Also, use your corporate color in posts. However, followers will recognize you sooner through color and format.
It is also better if you use a profile picture that shows your business.

Conclusion :
As a result, when followers search for your business name in the Instagram search section, among other Instagram pages, the Instagram page will identify and follow you sooner, and this way, you can attract targeted followers to you.
One of the best ways to attract and increase followers is to buy Instagram followers.

Quality Content Instagram
Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram

If you want your Instagram post to be more visible, you should use hashtags in your posts. Even if you have just created your Instagram account, and you want to start your activity in this popular social network, you need to use hashtags in your posts, because this is necessary for more success on Instagram.

Related hashtag:
Try to use hashtags that are relevant to your business. And it is better to use at least 7 hashtags and a maximum of 12 hashtags in each post.
You need to know, the value of hashtags is so high, that Instagram users use hashtags to get what they need. so that they can reach their goal faster. In this way, they search for their desired hashtag in Instagram search. Instagram then shows the user the posts that used that hashtag. In this case, you can also, using hashtags, display your posts to more Instagram users. Instagram also provides users with the ability to follow the hashtag. This way your posts can be placed in the hashtags that users have followed.

Did you know that hashtags make your Instagram post more views?

When you look at the “Instagram Insight” section on your Instagram, you see how many views each hashtag has brought to your post.

There is another type of tag on Instagram, which is called a geotag.
Using this tag in your posts, you can attract followers of a region or a country or a specific place to your post. This is if a user clicks on a particular location tag. It will then display your post to that user. This method is very effective for improving your post.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can tell you everything about social media
About Instagram services, Telegram services, and other social media services
If you do not find the answers to your frequently asked questions, you can contact us for free and full time through our Live Support Center.

Which countries are the followers from?

Followers with names and profile pictures are from different countries. They will be randomly added to your page.
It should be noted that most of the followers are from Asian and American countries.
But if you want the followers to be from a specific country! Let us know so we can add fake followers from that country to your page.

How long does it take for me to receive Instagram followers?

As soon as you place an order, our experts will check your information. Then after 10 to 15 minutes your order will start.
Followers are added to your Instagram page at high speed.
Keep this in mind, make your Instagram page public, so we can add followers to your page at high speed.

Is it dangerous to buy a follower for my Instagram?

No, we use smart and advanced algorithms to increase your Instagram page followers, so that your Instagram is not compromised.
Using the algorithm we use, Instagram can not identify and fine our system.
So don't worry about your Instagram page, we guarantee that buying Instagram followers will not harm your page. So feel free to place your order.

Why should we buy fake followers?

In today's virtual world, users trust pages that have more followers, because the more followers you have, the more credibility and popularity your page will have.
According to the research we have done, we have come to the conclusion that Instagram users do not accept pages that have a small number of followers and buy from pages that have a lot of followers.

Do you need my Instagram password to increase followers?

No, we do not need your password to increase your follower page.
All you have to do is make your page public, and send us your page username
Then we add the followers to your page, without receiving a password from you
Be aware that many sites and apps use your personal information to defraud you, to exploit your Instagram account.

Is it possible for them to drop after buying a follower?

Due to the fact that the followers are high quality, but it is possible that a small number of followers will leave your page.
But don't worry about losing followers. Because we replace new followers with old followers who left your page.
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