Frequently Asked Questions

We can tell you everything about social media About Telegram services, Instagram services, and other social media services Keep your questions in mind about our products and services. If you do not find your answer in the FAQ, you can contact us through our live support center free of charge.
Is it possible to consult support before ordering?

Yes of course, our support team will be ready to answer your questions about our services and products.

Can I buy real members of any social media?

Yes, Members offers real members, likes, comments, etc. on all social media.
These services are slightly more expensive than regular services. However, we offer these services cheaper than other sites.

Is using your services endangering our social media account?

We have never encountered such a problem. Using our services does not endanger your social media account. So you can safely register your order on our site.

How to get followers, members, likes, etc. from Memberlak up?

There are two ways to attract followers and likes on our website:

1. Buy followers, members and likes directly. In addition to superb quality service, we offer 7 days refill service and 24/7 customer service.

2. Subscribe to our services, you will automatically receive followers, members and likes every day. We highly recommend this strategy because the price is much lower than a one-time purchase. In addition, the subscription service allows your followers to grow in a completely natural way. This will give you a more formal look at social media platforms.

How long does it take for my order to be do?

You usually start receiving services in less than 12 hours. Sometimes our system is being updated, which makes the ordering process a bit slower.

If your order is not placed after 24 hours, send us your request via Telegram, WhatsApp or Email so that we can place your order manually.

Please remember to include your order details and username in the Email, this will help us find your problem.

Email Support: Support@Memberlak.com
Telegram Support: @Memberlak_Support

Why is my order not do?

Our delivery is based on the priority of order registration, sometimes our system is being updated, which makes the ordering process slow.

There are other reasons:

You changed your username

You have set up your account privately.

You have given us the wrong username / link.If your order is not do within 24 hours, send us an email.

Remember to include your order details and username in the email, this will help us solve your problem sooner.

Email Support: Support@Memberlak.com
Telegram Support: @Memberlak_Support

Why do members and followers drop?

We bring followers and members to your channel and page, then followers and members decide at their own discretion whether to stay on your channel and page or leave.
Our job is to bring these users to your channel and page.
It should be noted that targeted users have a much smaller drop than other normal services.
The drop is a natural occurrence for real and fake users. But do not worry about this, we will add gift users for each of your orders to compensate for the drop in your order.

What are your methods for Telegram and Instagram ads?

We have real, fake and targeted members, we deliver whatever order you have

How can I find out the status of my order?

We will send you a confirmation email after placing your order. Please check your payment or enter your email address for more information about ordering.

If you do not receive a message from us, send a message to our support to let you know the weakness of your order.

Email Support: Support@Memberlak.com
Telegram Support: @Memberlak_Support

Why should we increase social media membership?

Adding real and fake members can help you grow your business, however we recommend using real members.

Can I refund if I am not satisfied with your product?

Yes, it is possible in special cases. However there is a time period for it. You can get more information in this regard by visiting our Terms of Service page

What are the payment methods for registering an order?

We make all payment methods available as much as possible. You can now use different methods: PayPal, Crypto, Perfect Money, WebMoney

Do you have test members?

Yes you can contact our online support at Telegram, or via email us and request for test.

Email Support: Support@Memberlak.com
Telegram Support: @Memberlak_Support

Can I make money on Memberlak?

Yes, of course, we also have a vendor app that you can contact on the Contact Us page
Soon we will provide a page titled Marketing for you dear ones

Do you need confidential information or password for orders?

We do not need your password or personal and confidential information, just send us your link and receive your order

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can send us the cancellation request before doing.

Can I place two or more orders at the same time?

Yes, of course, you can place one or more orders at the same time.
Your orders will be prioritized and will be do in a short time.
Our suggestion is that if you receive services from us, do not place an order from anywhere else for a long time to find out the quality and durability of our order.

Can I set up my account privately after registering my order?

Please keep your account public and do not change your account name until you have received all your services.

Otherwise, our system will not be able to track your data. And users will have trouble following or liking you.

Please do not make any changes to your channel and page after placing your order.

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