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Buy Channel Automatic View

✅  Suitable only for Telegram Channels
✅  Speed: 100.000 views in one hour
✅  Safe / Secure (for Channels)
✅  Instant Start

  • *Posts Per Day Quantity (Min 5 - Max 100)

    How many posts do you publish on your channel per day?
    You can choose from 5 posts per day and 150 posts per month, to 100 posts per day and 3000 posts per month.

    *Views Quantity (Min 500 - Max 100,000)

    How many views do you need for each post on your channel?
    Min 500 - Max 100,000

    *Your Channel Link

    Please enter your channel link correctly.
    https:/  -  @memberlakcom


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How is the telegram auto view done?

First, send us your channel ID in the " Buy Telegram Automatic View " service. Then, based on your order, we will make the desired number of views to your posts. Telegram auto views service automatically adds views to your posts.

Refund guarantee

If we can not deliver it at the estimated delivery time (if it is more than three days), we guarantee a refund.

Safe and Secure Payment

You do not need to register to pay. You can pay with your credit card through the safest and most secure payment systems in the world.

Why buy automatic telegram view?

As the number of visits to your telegram increases, your channel will gain credibility.
Don't worry about viewing your posts anymore, because in this service, we will automatically view your next 100 posts.


Fast delivery of your orders

We will start your orders as soon as you register. Your order will be prioritized and will start as soon as possible


24/7 Live Support

We support customers around the clock. You can contact us at any time through our internal chat system, Telegram and our Email and WhatsApp addresses.

Auto Post Views

Buy Telegram Auto View

Automatic Telegram Post Views

Another popular service of Memberlak is automatic post display.

The concern of many Telegram channel administrators is the low visibility of the posts, They have no plans to do so, And they can not increase their post views.

Memberlak’s professional team has solved this problem, And automatically increases channel views, And it gives credibility to your channel and business.

By Increased auto view, You can increase the credibility of your channel at a high level. And show your channel members that your channel activity is high.

Buy automatic viewing of channel post

Telegram Automatic Views

You can buy Telegram channel auto views for your latest posts. And then you can also buy the Telegram automatic post display. So that everything goes automatically. However, you no longer need to order a separate view for each post.

Buy Telegram Auto view

After you have registered your order, the visits will come automatically and immediately after the subscription of each post, all you have to do is publish your post, then leave the rest to us.

Post Views

Auto post view service function

This service works in such a way that if you order 1k auto-view for 100 posts, this view only works for your 100 new posts that you share on your channel. It does not work for previous posts and the service will stop automatically after you have shared 50 posts.

Buy automatic telegram post views

Do not worry if your service is over, because you can re-order the same service to be automatically visited for your next submissions.

Auto Views

Telegram post automatic view service

Using this service can grow your channel, it can also gain the trust of customers. Because as soon as you share your post, your posts are visited and the customer feels that the channel members interact with you more, and this makes the real members of your channel interact with you more, and they Follow you forever.

Buy Channel Automatic view
Order Delivery

Order Delivery Time

Due to the high volume of orders, we have tried to increase the order time from 14 hours to 18 hours.
Visiting your posts from 6 am to 12 pm UTC is our working time.

If you use the usual method of viewing a telegram post, you should know that the view is made for one post only. But if you need to view every day for all the posts you share, you should use the Telegram automatic view service.
Buy Telegram Automatic Views is cheaper and more efficient for you.

This package is for buying Telegram views for the last 100 posts.

Telegram services

Similar Services

These three services are provided on Memberlak site. They complement each other, and you can use the ” Buy Telegram Automatic View ” service at the same time as the number of real or fake members increases or the number of views increases.

buy real telegram members
Buy Real Telegram Subscribers

You can use this service to increase the actual members of your group or telegram channel.

buy fake telegram members
Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

Fake Telegram members are offline and have no activity in Telegram and are created with a virtual number.

buy telegram post view
Buy Telegram Channel View

If you want to buy traffic for one or more of your telegram posts, it is better to use this service.


Order registration training

Below we explain to you how to register your order and get automatic viewing for your channel posts.First, specify the last 100 posts of your channel. Or specify the amount of views for the next 100 posts of your channel.Then send us your channel link. And make your payment through payment gateways such as PayPal and Crypto.Leave the rest to us. We send views for every post you share.

Benefits of viewing Telegram posts for the last 100 posts
High capacity (1 million views per post)

Super fast speed (100 views per day)

Reasonable and economical price

View for the last 100 posts

%100 Safe and secure

No drop

Buy Automatic Telegram post view
channel views

Procedures for placing an order and buy Telegram automatic view from our site

This service is for posts that you are going to publish in your channel in the future .
You only need to place your order once. Our bots will then identify the posts you will publish on your channel in the future, and add views to each post in your channel in no time.
After entering Memberlak's site, you must specify what service you want, then click on the same link to enter the page of the same service.
If your choice is the service " Buy Telegram Automatic View ", you must go through the following steps step by step:

1- In the first step, you must determine how many posts you publish on your channel per day.
For example, if you publish 5 posts per day and 150 posts per month on your channel, you should choose the first option, "5 Daily Posts (150 Monthly Posts)".
You can choose one among the options of this field, from at least 5 posts per day to a maximum of 100 posts per day.
The more daily posts, the more discount you get.
You can get a discount between (%25 to %75) from us.

To ensure that your order is correct, you can first click on the option " Buy free Telegram view ", then you will enter the " Buy free Telegram post views " page.
After you place your order on this page, we will add 500 views to the last 5 posts of your channel as soon as possible, to make sure that your order is done correctly and as soon as possible.

2- In the second step, you must enter the number of views you need for each post .
You can enter a minimum of 500 views per post and a maximum of 100,000 views per post .
Note, the amount of views you enter is for each post, which you publish in the future on your channel.
The more the number of post views, the more discount you will get.
You can get between (%30 to %85) discount from us.

Important note:
Two important fields are influential in prices.
A- Posts Per Day Quantity
In the first field, by selecting the option "5 Daily Posts (150 Monthly Posts)", you will pay only $13 for every 1000 views for each post.
And by choosing the option "100 Daily Posts (3000 Monthly Posts)" you will pay only $55 instead of $170 per 1000 views per post.
B- Views Quantity
By choosing 1000 views per post, you pay $16 for "20 Daily Posts (600 Monthly Posts)".
And by choosing 100,000 views per post, you pay only $380 instead of $1,600, for "20 Daily Posts (600 Monthly Posts)".
So, the more the number of post views and the number of posts in your channel, the more discount you get.

3- In the last field on the first page, you must enter your channel link.

Note that you enter your channel link correctly, so that there is no problem in placing the order.
Keep in mind that, in order to use the " Buy Telegram Automatic view " service, you must send us the public link of your channel.
You can enter your channel link in 2 ways:
B- @memberlakcom

4- After completing the above steps, you must click on the "Add to cart" button.
You have successfully added your order to the shopping cart.

5- After completing the above steps, you must click on the "View cart" button to enter the next page.

6- In the fourth step, on this page, a list of services that you have added to your shopping cart will be displayed for you.
Therefore, you can edit the number of services you have added to your shopping cart, so that you can increase or decrease the number of specified services.

You should note that after editing your services, you must click on the "Update Cart" button so that your edits are registered in the cart.
After checking this page, finally click on the "Proceed to checkout" button to enter the next page.

7- On this page and in the fifth step, you must enter your general information.
General information including (First name *, Last name *, Email address *, Telegram ID * and Order Notes (optional)). Therefore, you must enter the required fields marked with an asterisk.

We do not ask for your private and confidential information, sending public information is so that we can communicate with you and send you your order report.

Also, in the "Order Notes" section, if you have additional information, type in this section.
After entering the general information, it is time to specify the payment gateway and finally click on the "Place Order" button.

8- In the sixth step, you will enter the payment page, on this page payment information will be displayed for you and you can pay for your order.
After payment, the invoice will be displayed to you and your order will be sent to us.
Congratulations because you were able to place your order correctly and successfully.
After the successful registration of the order, it is the turn of our experts to review your order and start your order as soon as possible.

Important Note:
Remember to enter your general information correctly so that we can contact you if there is a problem.
If you need advice before purchasing from our site, you can click the "Online Support" button at the top of the page.
Then enter the Telegram and chat environment with our experts and ask the experts your questions about our services and any other questions. We are online 24/7 to answer your questions and requests.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have answered all your questions regarding the products and services of Memberlak website.
If you do not find your answer in this section and on the FAQ page.
You can contact us through our support center free of charge.
To what extent can observations be increased?

Currently we can do up to 1,000,000 views for each of your channel posts. Our team is trying to increase this number.

What is the purpose of using auto view?

The top view of each channel post determines the level of activity of the members of that channel.

The higher the number of views, the higher your channel credibility, and it attracts more users to itself.

Is it helpful to increase auto visits?

Yes, if you are looking for success in your business and you want to surpass your competitors. It is better focus on the channel and the content that you produce .

However you can not, meet many of your channel needs. Like increasing post views, increasing channel members.

That's we're here to help you with that to succeed in your business, and get more capital.

How long does it take to increase auto visit?
We will do this for you in less than 1 hour, and we increase your channel post traffic to 10,00,000 views
Is it safe to use this method for channels?
Yes, we do this with real members so that there is no problem with your channel. This method is completely legal and safe
Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can, before your order is done using our system cancel it.

To cancel your order, send your request via telegram to our support team.

Additional information