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✅  Suitable only for Telegram Channels
✅  Safe / Secure (for Channels)
✅  Speed: 200k to 500k per day
✅  Money back guarantee
✅  Guaranteed service
✅  No Drop in Views
✅  Fast Delivery

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Why is it necessary to Telegram post view?

Members of all channels attach great importance to the telegram post view of that channel. And the credibility of the channels is due to the high number of views of the posts. Even if you have fake members and your channel posts view are high, your channel credibility will increase.

Fast delivery of your orders

We will start your orders as soon as you register. Your order will be prioritized and will start as soon as possible

24/7 Live Support

We support customers around the clock. You can contact us at any time through our internal chat system, Telegram and our Email and WhatsApp addresses.

How is the post view done?

Telegram channel posts view is done by our advanced and professional system and real Telegram members. In fact, we bring in real members to your channel to increase the views of your posts. In fact, the higher the view of the post, the more users you attract.

Refund guarantee

If we can not deliver it at the estimated delivery time (if it is more than three days), we guarantee a refund.

Safe and Secure Payment

You do not need to register to pay. You can pay with your credit card through the safest and most secure payment systems in the world.

Post Views

Buy Telegram Channel View

If you are looking to increase channel credibility, you should increase your channel post views. Many channels have a problem with viewing the channel post, which we have fixed with the “Increase Channel View” service.
We at Memberlak‘s professional team help you to increase the viewing of your channel post with the best quality and the lowest cost.
To increase channel post viewing, your channel needs to be public.
Viewing the bottom of the post is not a good sign for the channel, you should increase post views as soon as possible. We will accompany you in this way.

Buy Telegram Channel View
Post Views
View What is a Telegram Post?

Every Telegram channel needs credibility to gain popularity and attract users in Telegram. If your channel credibility is high, you will attract more users. One way to increase credibility among Telegram channels is to have high views of your channel posts. Real users will be logged in to view your post when they view it. The higher the number of these views, the better for your business. This service only increases your Telegram channel post traffic. People who are looking to grow and improve their channel should increase the number of channel members and view channel posts as soon as possible. All the services you need to grow your channel are available on our site. Just refer to the "Telegram Services" section.


View High Quality Telegram Posts

As we said before, we use real and active Telegram members who work in the Telegram application to visit the Telegram channel post. This process makes Telegram more respectful of your post, and keeps you from being fined. In this site, we have provided you with the "Telegram Post View Sales Service" with the lowest price and the highest quality. We increase the viewing of Telegram channel posts easily and quickly for you.

buy telegram view
Visit Posts
How does visiting the Telegram post work?

Our system is such that we bring real and active users to your channel to visit your post.
The higher your Telegram post view, the more users will trust your channel and welcome your services and products.
In this service, which is for Telegram channel, after you register your order, we will visit the last 100 posts of your channel.

If you want your channel posts to be viewed daily, you can use our professional service, the Telegram Auto Show service.

Using this method, your posts will receive daily visits.

Sales View

Sales View Telegram

Are you a member of Telegram and do you work?
Do you also own a Telegram channel?
Do you publish a lot of regular posts a day and have few visits?
Is the members' interaction with your telegram channel low?
Do not worry, we will solve your problem. Our professional team is here to solve your problem. We increase the rate of member engagement with your channel by increasing regular visits to your Telegram post. Today, any channel with high post traffic is more popular with users. We will make you popular among users by increasing the number of Telegram post visits. Viewing channel posts is very necessary and important for Telegram members as well as Telegram channel owners and targeting active members in Telegram. So if you want to look powerful among Telegram channels, you need to increase your channel traffic. We do this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have answered all your questions regarding the products and services of Memberlak website.
If you do not find your answer in this section and on the FAQ page.
You can contact us through our support center free of charge.
What are channel post views?

The higher the activity and viewing of Telegram members from your channel posts, the more active your channel is.

Excessive viewing of posts depends on your channel management, and the more engaging content you produce, the higher the views.

How long does it take to increase channel post views?

Our system is somehow designed and implemented that in the fastest time possible visit will enhance your post.
In fact we can in 15 minutes get 100,000 views for your channel posts.

Is it safe to increase channel post views?

Yes, we use a method that poses no threat to your channel. And it is done completely safely and legally.

How important is visiting the Telegram channel post?
The more views there are in the Telegram channel post, the more active the channel is and more members will welcome your channel posts. Therefore, the activity level of Telegram channel members is measured by viewing channel posts.
What is the best suggestion to increase post viewing?

we suggest regularly and periodically receive all your channel posts at the same time.
With every order you submit on this page, we visit do the last 100 posts of your channel.

Can I order an auto-post for my channel?

Yes, you can use the "Buy Telegram Channel Auto View" service to receive daily views of the channel post.


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