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    Please enter the number of fake members you need.
    Min 300 - Max 100,000

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    You can enter your group or channel link in two ways:
    2- @memberlakcom


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How do fake members join the channel?

You can increase the stable members of your Telegram channel or group by using the service " buy fake Telegram members ". Fake Telegram members are created by our team, fake members have no activity in Telegram. Fake members have user account, name and profile picture.

Refund guarantee

If we can not deliver it at the estimated delivery time (if it is more than three days), we guarantee a refund.

Safe and Secure Payment

You do not need to register to pay. You can pay with your credit card through the safest and most secure payment systems in the world.

Why should we buy fake members ?

Fake Telegram members are more popular among Telegram channels and groups. Because fake Telegram members have less drop than real Telegram members. The lower the drop in your channel members, the more credible your channel will be. We add fake members non drop to your group or channel.

Fast delivery of your orders

We will start your orders as soon as you register. Your order will be prioritized and will start as soon as possible

24/7 Live Support

We support customers around the clock. You can contact us at any time through our internal chat system, Telegram and our Email and WhatsApp addresses.

Fake Members
What are Fake Telegram Members?

Fake members or virtual members are users who are unreal and they only increase the number of members of your Telegram channel and group.

These users do not visit your Telegram channel posts. In fact, these users do not exist at all and they only have fake name and profile.

If you have just launched your Telegram channel or group, we suggest you buy fake members to increase the credibility of your channel.

We use algorithms to increase the number of fake Telegram members, which Telegram cannot detect.

Fake users are created using virtual numbers. Keep in mind that this method is different from the ” buy real Telegram members ” method.

Currently, the best way to increase Telegram channel members is to use the fake members method. Because the drop in this method is less than other methods.

buy fake members
What services should we use next to fake members?

We suggest that in addition to increasing fake members, be sure to use the " Buy Telegram View ". Because fake members do not visit your posts, you should use our "Telegram Post Traffic Increase" service to increase the credibility of your channel.


Can we always use fake members?

Yes, you can always use this service, but we recommend that you use this service once you have launched your channel or group To increase the credibility of your channel. After that, be sure to use real members so that you can introduce your business to others and sell the your products.

buy fake telegram users
Order Members

Buy Fake Telegram Users

Now it’s time to upgrade your channel members using fake channel subscribers.

Telegram is one of the best platforms for business growth. You need our advanced and professional services to grow your business and upgrade Telegram.

We to customers who buy fake members, we give 10% of fake telegram visits as a gift.

To receive this gift, after registering the order send the request “Fake views of Telegram post” to our support in Telegram or email.


Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

You should get complete information about these members. We will explain to you in full how these members are added to your channel or group.
In fact, you have chosen the best site for " buy fake Telegram channel subscribers ", " buy fake Telegram channel members " and " buy fake Telegram group members ".
Fake members will join your channel using the programs we have created. Because they have no activity, they have a very low drop.
The drop in counterfeit Telegram members is about 0%, which is less than other methods.


Buy Telegram Fake Members

After you have registered your order and sent us your channel or group link, we will start your order as soon as possible.
We are able to add 10k to 15k members daily for you. Our current capacity is 50k, which we are developing and increasing this amount. It should be noted that fake members do not increase the viewing of your channel post.
To increase Telegram post views, you can use the " Buy Telegram Automatic View " service.

Fake Members Non Drop

Buy fake Telegram members non drop

Due to several years of experience in providing Telegram services, we have been able to create accounts that are guaranteed to remain in your channel or group for up to one month.

Increasing members without dropping for your channel or group can improve the stability and stability of your channel or group.

Fake members non drop will not visit your channel posts because they are fake. And even if these members join your group, they are not active in the group, and they do not chat.

An important advantage that fake members have without drop is that they give your Telegram group or channel a lot of credibility. By being constant in your channel or group, they encourage real users to join your channel and stay in it.

We guarantee that these members will not leave your channel or group for 1 month.

But they may last more than a month in your channel or group.

In many cases, members have remained in the channel or customer group for up to 3 months and even more up to 6 months and have not left customer channel.

Members non drop

The advantage of buy fake members non drop in Telegram

Increasing fake members is necessary for Telegram group or channel. But if the members leave your group and channel after one day, they will discredit your business. Also, the money you spent will be lost, and you will have to spend again, to buy the same low quality fake members.
But don't worry, because by using the fake accounts we have, we guarantee that the members will stay in your Telegram group or channel for at least 1 month.
Hence, fake members non drop will save you money, and there is no need to buy low-quality fake members from untrusted sites or scammers. Because we will add high quality fake members to your channel or group.
We are here to provide you with the best and highest quality Telegram services and other social networks.
All business owners need Telegram members to increase the credibility of their channel or group after they create their Telegram group or channel.
Business owners can't attract the opinion of real members first, because their channel or group members are few and real members don't trust them. For this reason, they need members, who remain in their group or channel, to give credit to that group or channel.

what's the solution?
So the business owners decide to use fake members without fail to give credibility to their channel or group, because they don't leave the Telegram group or channel, and they don't have any activity in the channel or group.
Then the real members, seeing that the number of members of a channel or group in Telegram is high, trust it, and become a member of that channel or group.
We recommend that if you are a big or even small business owner, create a Telegram channel or a group on Telegram, and give credit to your business on Telegram with " Buy Fake Telegram Members ". We are also with you, so that you get the best results from Telegram.

Buy Fake Members

Procedures for ordering and buy fake members non drop in Telegram from Memberlak's site

You are now on a page where one of our best services is located.
After entering Memberlak's site, you must specify what service you need, then click on the same link to enter the page of the same service.
If your choice is the service " Buy fake Telegram members ", you must go through the following steps step by step:

1- In the first step, you must enter the number of fake members you need.
You can enter between 100 and 100,000 fake members for your Telegram channel or group.
Then after your order is placed, we will add fake members for your channel or group as soon as possible.

To ensure that your order is correct by us, you can click on the option " Buy free fake Telegram members ", then you will enter the " Buy free fake members " page, then you can place the order for free Telegram channel members .
Then we will add 100 fake Telegram members to your Telegram group or channel, so you can be sure that your order will be done correctly and as soon as possible.

2- The second step is to send us the link of your Telegram group or channel correctly.
You can enter your group or channel link in two ways:
B- @memberlakcom

Important note:
You can send us both the private link and the public link of your channel or group.

3- After completing the above steps and completing all the required fields, you must click on the "Add to Cart" button.
You have successfully added your order to the shopping cart.

4- To view the services you have added to your shopping cart, you must click on the "View cart" button to enter the next page.

5- On this page, list of services that you have added to your shopping cart will be displayed for you.
So you can edit the number of services you have added to your shopping cart. You can also increase or decrease the number of specified services.

You should note that after editing your services, you must click on the "Update Cart" button so that your edits are registered in the cart.
After checking this page, finally click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button to enter the next page.

6- On this page, you must enter your general information. General information including (First name *, Last name *, Email address *, Telegram ID * and Order Notes (optional)). Therefore, you must enter the fields marked with an asterisk.

We do not ask for your private and confidential information, sending public information is so that we can communicate with you and send you your order report.

Also, in the "Order Notes" section, if you have additional information, type this section.
After entering the general information, it's time to specify the payment gateway and finally click on the "Place Order" button.

7- In the sixth step, you will enter the payment page, on this page payment information will be displayed for you and you can pay for your order.
After payment, the invoice will be displayed to you and your order will be sent to us.
Congratulations because you were able to place your order correctly and successfully.
After the successful registration of the order, it is the turn of our experts to review your order and start your order as soon as possible.

Important note:
Remember to enter your general information correctly so that we can contact you if there is a problem.
If you need advice before purchasing from our site, you can click the "Online Support" button at the top of the page.
Then enter the Telegram and chat environment with our experts and ask the experts your questions about our services and any other questions. We are online 24/7 to answer your questions and requests.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have answered all your questions regarding the products and services of Memberlak website.
If you do not find your answer in this section and on the FAQ page.
You can contact us through our support center free of charge.
Can we use Memberlak API to sell services?

Yes, we in Memberlak's team have decided to upgrade the sales system of this company's products, so we have decided to create an API for the developers and sellers of these products on other sites.

By launching the API, your orders will be do automatically.

How long will fake users be added to the channel?

Due to the high speed of this method of increasing members, fake users will be added to your channel in about an hour or less.

Is it appropriate to use a fake Telegram member adder?

No, a lot of people will sell these programs to you to defraud your channel and group, which we would never recommend.

What is the difference between fake and real members?

In fake members, the drop in members is less. Fake members have no activity on your channel or group.
Real members are active and can view your posts.

Fake members cannot participate in your poll. Real members can vote in your channel poll.

Is it safe to use fake members for channel or group?

Yes, we use methods to increase the of your channel fake members that are completely legal and safe, and Telegram can not penalize your channel or group.

How can I buy fake members?

We have provided fake member services with details, you can buy from 500 fake members to 50,000 fake members on this page according to your needs.


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