Buy Telegram Members

Buy Telegram Members

Dear customers, you can use services such as buy Telegram members provided by Memberlak and buy real or fake members for your Telegram channel or group.
One of the best and most important services that Memberlak offers, are members of the target group.
Do you need more services in Telegram? We provide all services related to Telegram.

buy telegram channel member

Telegram Reseller Panel

Target Members

$12.00  - $9.00

Group Telegram Members
100% Targeted & Real
The Best Services
+ Gift 5% More

Real Members

$1.5  - $0.98

Super Fast Delivery & Safe
100% Real Members
Force Add Method
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Fake Members

$1.3  - $0.50

Telegram Channels & Groups
Super Fast Delivery & Safe
Lowest Drop Rate
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Auto Views

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Daily Post Views For 1 Month
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Channel Views
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Buy Telegram channel subscribers

In 2016, there was a great revolution in Telegram services. Telegram channels were created where you could share your business and services with others. And invite your audience to your channel. It was even possible for you to invite other audiences to your channel using the channel link.
At that time the only way to attract a Telegram member was to advertise your channel on other channels. This method was both expensive and did not bring many people to your channel.
But over time new methods emerged to increase channel membership. Each of the methods of increasing Telegram channel subscribers has a number of advantages and disadvantages. But they are also the best way to increase the credibility and efficiency of your business and channel.
These methods of buying Telegram members can vary between many of the features that people want for their channel.
To provide these services, you need websites and web services that provide services to increase Telegram members.
In this site, we have provided all Telegram services for you to use our services according to your needs.

Buy Telegram channel subscribers
Types of Telegram Subscribers

Types of Telegram Members

Fake Members

Those members who have a Telegram account (name and profile picture), but are offline and inactive. And only the statistic show the number of members of your channel and Telegram group high.

Real Members

Members who are 100% real, and have actually followed you and are active in the Telegram environment. These members increase the view of your channel posts.

Target Members

Such people have all the attributes. That is, they are real and active and purposeful. And they will follow you as your real customer in your group.

Real Members

Members who are 100% real, and have actually followed you and are active in the Telegram environment. These members increase the view of your channel posts.

Fake Members

Those members who have a Telegram account (name and profile picture), but are offline and inactive. And only the statistic show the number of members of your channel and Telegram group high.

Target Members

Such people have all the attributes. That is, they are real and active and purposeful. And they will follow you as your real customer in your group.

. Payment methods .

We have simplified the payment process for your convenience. In this way, after selecting the desired product, you can easily pay for the order through different portals.
You can use cryptocurrency in CoinPayment and Payeer (Credit CardsRubleEURUSDBTCSkrillQIWIEthereumLitecoinAnkBank Transfer) + Perfect Money + PayPal.

Memberlak payments
Memberlak Services

Buy Telegram Subscribers

All companies and business owners know that real Telegram members are very popular and these members can improve the business of those companies.
All our members have real accounts and active. And they are very safe for your channel and group, so do not worry about your channel and group being blocked by our members.
But you should note that real members are attracted to your channel in different ways, each of which is suitable for the desired category.
Offline members have a Telegram account, but are inactive. The drop in offline members is less than the actual members.
So before ordering and buying Telegram members, try to read the description of each product and then register your order.

All services related to Telegram are available on Memberlak’s website. You can visit the services of our site, and ask us for any kind of services, including increasing Telegram members, visiting Telegram posts, Telegram polls, Telegram likes and other facilities.

Buy TelegramـSubscribers
Telegram services

Introducing the best
We provide you with the best telegram services

Buy Targeted Users
Buy Targeted Users

Increase your Telegram group with real and targeted members, and gain more popularity in your business. The process of buying Telegram members is very easy and with just a few simple clicks.

Buy Telegram Users
Buy Telegram Users

Increase your Telegram channel or group users in the safest way in the world. By increasing Telegram users, you can grow your business and sell more products.

Buy Telegram Show
Buy Telegram Show

Popular service of Telegram channel post view. Increase the credibility of your channel and your business among users by increasing the view of your posts on the Telegram channel.

Fake Telegram Users
Memberlak Services

Fake Telegram Users

Fake Telegram subscribers do not have a real account in Telegram and these subscribers will be added to your channle or group in Telegram by using bots and virtual numbers.

Ths method of incteasing Telegram Fake Members is automatically added by our system.

You can use this service to increase your channel members and give credit to your channel or telegram group.

( Fake Telegram Channel usersFake Telegram Group users ) Increasing the number of members of your Telegram Channel makes real subscribers trust your channel and hoin your channel.

What exactly are fake members?

There are users created by robots and virtual numbers that contain names and profiles and have no activity in Telegram.

How to buy fake members?

You can view fake members channel packages and fake member groups and order the package depending on your needs.

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Memberlak Services

Real Group Members​

You can buy 100% real and targeted members for your Telegram group. By buy Telegram members, these real members are encrypted for groups.
Targeted Telegram subscribers can increase sales of your products in the group. Because these people enter your group purposefully.
This method is one of the most popular and safest ways to increase group members.
You can use our algorithm to select your real members and target. All you have to do is select your target users and leave it to us.
The increase in targeted group members is a revolution in Telegram services.

You can select the members you want using the following filters : 

Desired Country

Preferred Language

Desired Job

Desired Gender

Real Group Members​
Plans For Buying Members

Plans For Buying Members

Due to Memberlak’s many years of experience in the field of social media services and “Buy Telegram Members“, which is one of the most popular and powerful sites in the world. Buy as many people as you can from this site to subscribe to Telegram and other media.
Then the same people you bought will enter your group or channel and comment on you, review and welcome your Telegram channel content, respond to your Telegram channel content, and They even show you statistics about your performance in the competitors’ market. And that’s what makes those people follow your channel and group forever.
Telegram is being updated and evolved daily, using encrypted algorithms in its code to increase security.
However, channel and group owners send messages to make sure that the members they have purchased are genuine to see if they are being responded to.

But do not worry at all, because we will do for you whatever you order. If you order “Real Telegram Members“, we will only add “Real Members” for you. And if you order “Offline Telegram Members“, we will add “Fake Members” for you.

Buy Telegram Post Views For Business Channels

You can advertise widely using the Telegram platform. You need to be able to use this app properly to get the most out of it. This application encourages channel and group owners to increase their channel or group members and make their content and services more visible. You can share audio and video content, PDF files for your users on your channels. But eventually you need more users to see your content. The more views your content receives, the more credibility your channel and business will gain. Do not worry if your content views are low. We are with you to provide you with the best and cheapest way to increase post views. You can buy views for the last 100 posts of your channel. Or buy view for a post on your channel. But we have come up with a new way to make your job easier. This way you can use our auto-visit service to automatically increase the viewing of any content you publish.

Buy Telegram Polls - Online Votes

To find out what your users' tastes and choices are, you can hold a contest or poll for them. You can ask them about your type of service. Or what do they think about the content of your channel? By doing so, you will both respect your users and understand the tastes of your users. By conducting a poll in Telegram, your channel members will feel the best about you and will make them interact more with you. This will also increase your channel or group traffic. There are many ways to satisfy a customer, but one of the best ways to better interact with customers is to use a survey in the Telegram group or Telegram channel. Because all Telegram users, even those who are not members of your channel and group, can participate in this survey and register their opinion for you. To conduct a poll in Telegram, you need a "Poll" robot. In this site, we have fully explained to you "Tutorial for creating polls in Telegram" with pictures and videos.

Buy Telegram Fake Account

You need a mobile number to activate your Telegram account. Because when you create a Telegram account, they will receive a number from you, then they will send you the verification code and you have to enter that code in Telegram to activate your account. However, Telegram users can log in to your profile and view your number. Telegram even has the ability to send a message to your friends to join Telegram after creating a Telegram account using your number. And they will be notified of your presence in the telegram. But sometimes it happens that you do not want anyone to notice your presence in Telegram, and you want to be anonymous to others, and no one knows your identity, in this case it is better to use a virtual number to create your Telegram account. We have the virtual numbers of most countries. And you can buy virtual numbers of different countries from us according to your taste, and create your telegram account with that number. However, you can put a fake name and profile picture in your fake account. And send a message to your friends in the telegram and they will not know your identity.

Why Memberlak
Why should you choose Memberlak?

Our team is updating all social media services daily. You just need to enter our products section to see all our services.
In this section, we will explain some of the main reasons why you chose us.

Simple platform

We have tried to provide you with a very simple and user-friendly platform, with a beautiful appearance, so that you do not encounter any problems in using our services.


Our team is ready to serve you quickly and in a timely manner. In this way, after registering your order in the shortest time, your order will be done. Speed ​​and accuracy in work is one of our priorities to fulfill your orders.

Affordable price

We have tried to increase the quality of our services along with reasonable and affordable price, because your satisfaction is more important to us than anything else. So we offer a price that suits all budgets.

choose Memberlak

We never ask for your personal information, password and OTP. We have also used valid and secure payment gateways for our site so that you can safely register your order.


We have given you control over the performance of the order. In this way, you can choose the number of members or the number of views or the number of votes according to your taste, and then buy the service.

Customer Support

Our team has professional customer support, which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you have problems ordering our services, you can contact us every hour through communication channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can tell you everything about social media
About Telegram services, Instagram services, and other social media services
If you do not find the answers to your frequently asked questions, you can contact us for free and full time through our Live Support Center.

Is it legal to buy Telegram member?

Yes, we in Memberlak's professional team using the algorithms and programs we have produced, we have been able to use legal and safe methods to advertise and increase Telegram members. You can read the full description in each section.

What is Memberlak's best service in Telegram?

One of our most important and best services in Memberlak, increase targeted members.
But there are other better ways. As, advertisements in Telegram channels and groups and then increase the real and fake members of Telegram.

What payment methods are used to purchase the services?

We on this website, we have made all payment methods available to you dear ones.
Different payment methods include: PayPal, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Skrill, Crypto, Stripe, BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin

How to buy Telegram members?
You can easily use Memberlak services. To buy Telegram members, we have put several international payment methods on the site, so that you can benefit from our services wherever you are in the world.
Why should we increase our Telegram members?

One of the most popular and powerful social networks in the world is Telegram. Telegram social media can help you grow your business. For this reason, increasing the number of members in this social media can, get you to sell more of your products and services.

Which method of increasing members is more appropriate?

Our suggestion is to order fake members first. Because fake members have less drop. Fake members will increase the credibility of your channel.

You can then order real members, when new users enter your channel, realize the high credibility of your channel.

Are you ready to place an order?