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10 ways to Telegram data recovery

Telegram Data Recovery
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Telegram Data Recovery

How to recovery deleted Telegram posts and media?

Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging platforms, and Telegram data recovery is one of the important features of this popular platform.

Telegram allows users to exchange messages, share media files and participate in different communities. However, accidental deletion of posts and media files can happen, resulting in the loss of valuable content.

But don’t worry, in this article we will explore effective methods and techniques to recovery deleted Telegram posts and media that will help users recover their important information. In the following, we discuss the process of recovering deleted content in Telegram.

data recovery
Telegram Data Recovery

Do you want to recover Telegram chats, posts, messages and files?

If you are the manager of a Telegram channel or group, this may have happened to you, that sometimes you deleted a post or photo or video, and after a while you regretted it, and you want to restore them.

But what is the solution? Do you think there is a way to recover deleted files and chats?
We confidently say "yes".
You can access recently deleted posts and media, and restore and republish them on your channel.
One of the features that Telegram recently added to its platform is the "Recent Action" feature in Telegram channel.
In order to be able to access the information that you have recently deleted from your channel, you must enter this part of your channel.

Important Note:
Note that this information will be permanently deleted from your channel history after some time, and you will no longer be able to access it.

Recent Actions

How to Telegram data recovery using the "Recent Actions" feature

1- First, enter your Telegram channel profile, and then click on the "Edit" option.

2- On this page, you must enter the "Administrator" section.

3- In the third part, you must click on the "Recent Actions" option located at the top of the page.

4- In the last step and on the "Recent Actions" page, you will see that all the posts, chats, photos and videos that you published on the channel and deleted are accessible.
Now you can copy or save them and publish them again on your channel.

Recent Actions

How to recover deleted photos and videos in Telegram?

Telegram, like other social media, has a cache in your mobile phone.
When you upload or download a photo or video in Telegram, Telegram saves the file in its cache on your mobile phone.

In order to access Telegram's cache on mobile, you must go through the following steps:

1- In the first step, you must enter the "My Files" program on your mobile phone.

2- Then click on "Internal Storage" option.

3- In the third step, you must click on the "Telegram" folder.

4- At this stage, you must be careful, if you want to restore deleted photos, you must enter the "Telegram Images" folder, and if you want to restore deleted videos, you must enter the "Telegram Videos" folder.
Also, the "Telegram Audio" folder is the place to store audio files in Telegram, and the "Telegram Documents" folder is the place to store documents in Telegram.

5- In the last step, you will see that all the photos and videos that you have previously uploaded and downloaded in Telegram are located in this section.
Now you can find the desired file and save it in your mobile.

GIF Recovery

How to recovery the deleted GIF in Telegram?

What is a GIF file?
GIF is the shortened name of "Graphics Interchange Format", actually specifying the texture of static or animated graphics files.
Like many social media, Telegram supports GIF files.
Many social media users convert videos into GIF files in order to share videos with less volume on social media.
You can also convert your videos into GIF files and send them to your friends in Telegram with a smaller size.
In many cases, you may have accidentally deleted the GIF file in your Telegram, and later regretted it and wanted to restore that file in Telegram.

Next, we will tell you how to recovery the deleted GIF file:
1- First, enter the "My Files" program on your mobile phone.

2- Then enter the "Internal Storage" folder.

3- In the third step, you should find the "Telegram" folder and enter it.

4- At this stage, click on the "Telegram Documents" folder.

5- In the last step, you will see that all your document files such as GIF files are in this section.
Now you can find the GIF file you want and save it and use it again in Telegram.

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Telegram Stickers

Archiving Telegram Stickers

Many Telegram users archive their favorite stickers, so that they can access them again if they are suddenly deleted.
If, for any reason, you have already archived a set of your stickers in your Telegram, and now you want to access those stickers again, we must say that you can do it easily and without any difficulty. and return them to the displayable list in the type field of your dialog.
In the following, we will discuss how to return archived Telegram stickers.

Telegram Data Recovery

Recovery Deleted Telegram Stickers

If you are one of the users who want to know that the stickers you previously archived in your Telegram account, and deleted them by mistake, and now regret it, and want to return them, you must go through all the steps below:

1- First, in the Telegram messenger menu, click on the three lines icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open the main Telegram menu. Then click on the "Settings" option.

2- Then in this step, in the menu that appears, click on "Chat Settings" to open the Telegram chat settings menu.

3- In the third step, click on "Stickers and Emoji" option.

4- In the fourth step, in the window you see, click on the "Archived Stickers" option.

5- Now at this stage, the list of stickers that you have archived will appear like this. In this section, all the stickers you have archived will be displayed for you and you can restore the sticker you want.


Getting to Know Telegram Data Management

You should pay attention to how Telegram manages data, including posts and media.
Telegram's cloud-based storage system allows users to access their content on multiple devices.
Telegram is committed to protecting the privacy of users and its impact on Telegram data recovery.


Recover Deleted Posts and Messages

Telegram data recovery actually refers to Telegram's internal features for recovering deleted posts and messages.
"Undo" feature that allows users to quickly retrieve recently deleted messages by tapping the "Undo" option.
Users can use the "Archived Chats" option to recover deleted chats and messages.


Recovery Deleted Media Files

We explained the steps to Telegram data recovery above, now you should pay attention to some important points.
One of the important features in Telegram is the "Saved Messages" feature, which acts as a storage repository for important media files.
You can save all files, photos, videos, sounds, stickers, links, emojis and everything else in the "Saved Messages" folder, so that you can easily access them if needed.


Using Data Backup and Recovery

The importance of regular backup of Telegram information is very important and necessary to prevent permanent loss.
For Telegram data recovery, the "Telegram cloud-based storage" system enables seamless data backup and recovery.
It is very important to enable "Automatic Backup" of data and use backup to restore deleted content.


Third Party Data Recovery Tools

In order to Telegram data recovery, "Third Party Data Recovery" tools can be used to recover deleted Telegram posts and media.
Use reliable data recovery tools that are proven to be effective and reliable.
Follow the step-by-step instructions to use these tools to recover deleted content.


The Best Methods for Data Recovery

Best practices for Telegram data recovery include acting quickly, avoiding further deletion and minimizing data usage to increase the chances of successful recovery.
You should be careful not to fall victim to scams or malware when looking for third-party data recovery tools.


Data Prevention and Management Tips

To Telegram data recovery, try to back up your Telegram data regularly, and enable the "Auto Download" feature to save media files to your device's gallery.
You should organize your chats and media files, to avoid the risk of accidentally deleting them.
You should pay attention to this point, that you manage your important information in Telegram, so that you do not lose that information, and in case of accidental deletion, you can recover them easily.


Get Help from the Telegram Support Team

If you have failed in other methods to Telegram data recovery, you can refer to the Telegram support team for help in recovering deleted posts and media.
You can contact the Telegram support team in two ways, either through the in-app support option or the official Telegram website, and submit your request for Telegram data recovery.
Consider the importance of providing relevant details and a clear explanation of the issue to help support agents effectively address your issue.


Protection of Telegram Information

The importance of preventive measures to protect Telegram data are very important.
Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security. With preventive protective measures, you prevent other people from accessing your Telegram and deleting your Telegram information.
Be cautious when granting access permissions to third-party applications or services that claim to offer Telegram data recovery or management features.


Archive Data of Interest

Try to archive your important and necessary data in Telegram, so that you can always access them, and if they are accidentally deleted, you can easily recover them.
You can archive all information in Telegram such as stickers, photos, chats, videos, etc.

Telegram Data Recovery

General result of Telegram data recovery

Accidentally deleting posts and media files on Telegram can be frustrating, but it is not always a permanent loss.

With the right techniques and tools, users can successfully recover their deleted content.

By leveraging Telegram’s built-in recovery features, utilizing data backup and restore options, and employing reputable third-party data recovery tools, users can increase their chances of Telegram data recovery.

Remember to act promptly, follow best practices, and prioritize prevention to minimize the risk of data loss on Telegram.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We have answered all your questions about this article.
If you do not find your answer, you can contact us for free through our support center.
How can I recover deleted messages on Telegram?

Telegram provides built-in features for recovering deleted messages. The "Undo" feature allows you to quickly recover recently deleted messages by tapping on the "Undo" option that appears after deletion.

Additionally, Telegram's "Archived Chats" option lets you access and recover deleted chats and messages.

Can I restore deleted Telegram data from backups?

Yes, Telegram's cloud-based storage system allows users to back up their data, including messages, media files, and settings.

By enabling automatic data backup or manually creating backups, you can restore deleted Telegram data from the backup files.

Is it possible to recover deleted media files on Telegram?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted media files on Telegram. The "Saved Messages" feature acts as a vault for saving important media files.

By accessing the "Saved Messages" folder, you can recover deleted media files that were previously saved.

What are some best practices for Telegram data recovery?

To enhance the chances of successful Telegram data recovery on Telegram, it is important to act promptly after deletion, avoid further deletions or modifications to the data, and minimize data usage on the device to prevent overwriting deleted data.

Additionally, regularly backing up your Telegram data and keeping the app updated are good practices to protect against data loss and ensure smooth recovery.

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